30 Day Become Your Own-Best-Friend-Self Live Course


Do you have the ‘I’m Not Enough’ mindset?

Good enough

Smart enough

Thin enough

Attractive enough

Professional enough

Knowledgeable enough

Experienced enough

Brave enough

Do you hold yourself back in life?

Are you getting in your own way of living the life you wish you could lead?

Our own-worst-enemy-self can sabotage all sorts of things in life, and you can probably recognise your own in action. You might be familiar with that harsh inner-critic?

The nagging self-doubt?

Sometimes, without even realising it, we can unconsciously self-sabotage everything that we want and everything that we care about.   We hold ourselves back and beat ourselves up – and we invest a vast amount of time and energy in doing so.

I found the sessions so empowering and they have really challenged my thought process. The timing was perfect as I had been stuck in a looping treadmill that had inevitably left me feeling like the helpless victim but the course really was an awakening and a reminder that I have the power to change my situation by changing my thought process and reducing the impact and power that external influences have on my happiness. 
So thank you for helping unlock that.”


Do you wish you could change that?


Would you like to know how to become your own-best-friend-self rather than own-worst-enemy?

The relationship you have with yourself underpins EVERYTHING that you do and everything that you are, and becoming your own-best-friend-self is probably THE most life changing thing you can do for yourself so I’d love to help you with that.

In this 30 day course you will learn how to:

Call out your own-worst-enemy-self and stop it getting in your way.

Turn self-criticism into self-support.

Transform self-neglect into self-care.

Have the confidence to follow your heart and create the life you want to lead. Quit people pleasing once and for all.

“Louise is a wonderful guide, teacher and mentor and I highly recommend her. There is always some insight or “aha” moment to take away to enable your personal growth and development. I don’t think I would be where I am today without Louise’s support, skills and wisdom.” 


Do you value yourself enough to invest these

30 days to change your life?

Here is what you can expect in this 30 Day Become Your Own-Best-Friend-Self Live Course:

Weekly theme, homework and action plan.

Each week will cover a specific part of how to ditch your own-worst-enemy-self and how to become your new own-best-friend-self, giving you all the tips & tools that you need to apply what you learn to your own life.

Practices and guided meditation.

You will have access to video and audio practices, meditations and hypnosis meditations to bring the changes to life!

1 x weekly live group video call lasting 1 to 3 hours.

Via a Zoom video call, we have a live weekly get-together where we cover the week’s theme. You can ask any questions you like and get personal 1:1 advice during the call to help you to transform your life.

Private Facebook Group for the duration of the course.

Where you will find an abundance of support from each other, and me. I’ll be posting regular tips and encouragement for you to help keep you on track.

Why am I running this course? And why take it with me?

Well, because I have been my own-worst-enemy in the past and have learnt not to be. As a mindset and wellbeing coach, I have been helping people for over 20 years to hack stress, limits, and mindsets. The most significant and common problem I see in the many people I have worked with is the relationship they have with themselves. So I thought it was time to dedicate a course to helping people with exactly that! I work with people from all walks of life, from CEO’s and business owners to coders, scientists and PA’s, busy parents and jet-setters. 

Our world is full of totally awesome people, and you are one of them. I want you to be the amazing person I know you can be and to live the life you want to lead.

Most of all though, I want you to be happy on the inside, to stop beating yourself up, and to learn to support yourself in a more loving way. You absolutely deserve that.

When Does It Start?

This course starts on 1 June 2020

How Much Is It?

Special Offer

To celebrate the launch of my book Stresshacking – 50 Simple Strategies To Get Your Life, Your Mind, And Your Mojo Back I am offering this June course at the special price of £150 instead of £295!
And…I’m going to send you a FREE signed copy of my book!
Why would I take this course?
Because you’ve had enough of being your own-worst-enemy in life.
You’re fed up being so hard on yourself and of not feeling good enough and you want to get rid of that harsh inner-critic.
You would like to turn your self-sabotaging diet and exercise habits into supportive self-care.
You know that your lack of self-confidence has held you back in life and you wish you had the self-belief to go for the things you want.
You want to feel more comfortable in your own skin and would love to learn how to have more self-acceptance and self-worth.
You’re fed up of putting other peoples’ needs above your own and it’s time that changed.
OK, it’s £150. Will it be worth it?
If you do your part of the work in this programme then it will be more than worth your investment for the life-changing habits, behaviour and mindset potential. That’s worth every penny because you are worth every penny. I know some of you might prefer to do this programme with me on a 1:1 basis and that’s possible too and costs £2000. You will get the exact same content in both. The difference is the live time which is obviously either 1:1 or will be in group format. In either case, I can’t promise any transformation if you don’t do your part of the work, but if you do, it will be worth your investment.
What can I expect from the course?
The 30 day course has a weekly theme each week. This will really help you to develop lasting and effective habits. Throughout the weeks you will be applying different tips and tools without overwhelming you with too much to do.

At the beginning of each week you will receive:
An email with all the info you need for the week ahead. I greatly value your time and energy and I don’t want to fill up your inbox so that’s why I’ve decided that one email per week is enough. It will give you all of the simple, doable tips and tools to try throughout the week. There will be a few exercises that will require a bit of deeper self-reflection, which I will of course guide you through.
A video from me – I’m with you every step of the way and I’ll be sharing my top tips and personal experience with you.
A weekly downloadable guided breath practice or guided meditation that you can use any time you want to.
There will be a live group video call every week for the 4 weeks where I will cover the week’s theme and you can ask any questions you like. I am there to help you with any challenges you have had so that you have every chance of getting the results that you want.
These calls may include a live guided practice or meditation.
There will be a private Facebook group for the duration of the course where you can meet and share encouragement with like-minded people on the course & I will be posting some regular encouragement and inspiration.
At the end of the course, we will review what we’ve covered and you will leave with an action plan to take forward to support you in your new way of being and living 🙂

What will I need?
You will need to bring yourself and a bit of your time 😉 I recommend that you get a nice notebook and pen to keep any notes you might take all in one place. You will also want to have a device that you can join the live calls on (tablet/phone/laptop/PC)
Do I have to attend the live calls? Can I watch a replay if I miss them?
-You don’t have to join the calls but I encourage you to do so if you can because they are are a great opportunity to really bring the changes to life. It’s also means you can ask me any questions you have.
The calls will be recorded and put in the member’s area on my website so you can watch them back on replay whenever you like.
Can I watch a replay if I miss them?
Yes, you can turn the video off and just join as your first name so that is all that will be visible. That way you can still join in the conversation and ask questions if you want to.
Can I join the video calls without being visible?
Yes, you can turn the video off and just join as your first name so that is all that will be visible. That way you can still join in the conversation and ask questions if you want to.
When are the weekly video calls and how long will they be?
The weekly video calls will be on a Tuesday at 7.30pm. The length of the calls will vary depending on your participation and questions so they could last anything from an hour to 3 hours. You can join and leave the call at any point during the call.
The dates for the calls for the June 2020 course are:
Tuesday 9th June
Tuesday 16th June
Tuesday 23rd June
Tuesday 30th June
How do I join the video calls?
The calls take place via Zoom. You will be asked to download Zoom the first time you attempt to join a call, which normally takes less than a minute. Each week’s email will have the Zoom call information and a link so that you can just click on that and it will take you straight to the call.
For more info on Zoom, or to download it, visit https://zoom.us/
Do I have to join the Facebook Group?
No….although I think you’ll love it there because I am going to be there everyday offering inspiration and encouragement. I will be posting some content there that won’t be in the weekly emails or in the member’s area on my website, but it is entirely optional whether you want to be there for it.
I’m really busy; how much time will the course require?

Whilst this is a live course in terms of the live weekly calls, and material being released each week, once you have signed up to the course you will have access to all of the content at the end of the 30 days so that you can get to it all in your own time. The course is designed with busy people in mind though, so all of the practices, tips, and tools are intentionally doable.

What is your refund policy?

I totally believe that if you do your part in this course that it will change your life but if at the end of the first week you think the course isn’t for you then I will refund you the full amount! All you need to do is email me directly by 10th June and you will be fully refunded – no questions asked.

Are there any reasons that I shouldn’t I sign up for this course?
Yes. Whilst this course is designed to have doable, practical tips and tools throughout, it will require you to have a go at them to ensure the course gives the results that you want. If you are not at a point when you will commit to giving yourself and the course a chance, then I wouldn’t recommend that you sign up. I am serious about wanting you to become your own-best-friend-self and it would be a waste of your money if you are not ready to actively participate in the process. I sincerely hope you are though because I don’t want you to waste any more of your life being your own-worst-enemy and I want you to live the life you deserve to live! Only you will know if you are ready to do this….and I am here to help you if you are.
Does it matter if I am seeing another therapist?

No. This course is not meant to replace any other help you might be getting or might need. It is aimed at helping you to replace the habits, mindsets, and behaviours that haven’t been supporting you with ones that will.

What if I decide that I’d like some extra help - is it possible to book a 1:1 with you?
Of course you can! I can’t guarantee availability during the 30 day course but we can definitely have a conversation about booking a suitable time for us both. You can contact me here https://theinspiredzone.com/contact/
I’d like to do this programme with you on a 1:1 basis. Is that possible?
Yes, it is. The cost for this programme as a 1:1 is £2000 so contact me if you’re interested and we can have a chat. You can contact me here https://theinspiredzone.com/contact/

“Louise is a wonderful guide, teacher and mentor and I highly recommend her. There is always some insight or “aha” moment to take away to enable your personal growth and development. I don’t think I would be where I am today without Louise’s support, skills and wisdom.”