Happy New Year everyone!


I had an unexpected gift for Christmas this year. I got Covid, for the first time. Arrogantly, I’d always thought that if I got Covid that I’d be one of those people that it didn’t really affect much. How wrong I was. It absolutely floored me and stripped me of any energy at every level. Humbling. And, what a gift. 


When we don’t have the energy to do anything at all, we are invited into a surrendered being-ness that we have no choice other than to be with. We have no energy at all to fight that which we’d rather not have. We have it. It is it. And, in surrendering to that, we find the peace that arises from non-resistance to what is. And that’s what I found…well, once I had enough energy to notice that that is what I had found. 


As the days went on, and slowly I started to have enough energy to register anything at all, I could feel a new, lighter, stripped back simplicity emerging in myself. I could feel a clarity of intention and focus for my re-emergence back into everyday life. 


Here’s what came into sharp focus for me to commit more fully to for the year ahead…

  1. To get more present in everyday life
  2. To filter all of life through the lens of love


I’ll let you know how it goes! 


So, as I start the New Year slowly and streamlined, I wish to thank Covid for stripping me back, stopping me in my tracks, and for gifting me this opportunity. 


What gifts did you get this Christmas?