Let me put this out there……I care deeply about us all being the people I know we are capable of being.

Coming from a sporting background having spent over 15 years as a professional event rider, my success relied on being able to work as part of a team and where being at the top of my game on competition day was key. It is through this interest in managing wellbeing and personal brilliance that I realised the importance of mindset and of being in balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This interest passionately drives the work that I do today and for over 20 years I’ve been helping people to achieve their goals, improve the quality of their lives, and stay in tune with who they really are.

I’ve learnt that we are constantly evolving and that change is part of that – whether that is us or the world around us. It took me 3 very uncomfortable years at the end of my eventing career to admit to myself that the Olympic dream I had grown up with was in fact no longer my dream, and perhaps more importantly, that the person I was then was not who I wanted to be. My love of mindset and human potential turned an interest into a career and I feel incredibly privileged to work with so many amazing people in all walks of life.

I believe in being grounded and practical…and that everything starts with awareness.  Whether I’m working with CEOs and business owners, to professional sports people, scientists, designers, or anyone in between…. though our challenges and struggles may vary, underneath it all, we’re all just human beings trying to do our best in the world. 

Learning to be present and to enjoy our continual evolvement is part of us thriving as a human being. A key part of that is learning to navigate the space outside of our comfort zone.  It’s where magic happens – it’s also where we feel vibrantly alive…if we can learn to maintain our balance in that space. Through my background in teaching meditation and breath practices, along with my own journey in life, I have gained significant insight into transcending an overthinking mind, passionate emotions, and fear –  something which has also helped me to become a go-to person for many people in moments of pressure, self-doubt, crisis, or when they feel stuck in life. I see all of these moments as golden opportunities for transformation. 

I firmly believe that success and happiness ultimately come down to finding out what works for us as an individual, of how we relate to each other, and in fulfilling the brilliant potential of our higher purpose and self. 

A few other of my beliefs that I’ve learned along the way…

  • That we are all here to be our own unique brilliant selves, and to share that with others.
  • That ultimately everything comes down to love or fear, and that choice is ours.
  • That the moment we start living from love our entire lives are transformed.

All of this is a rather long-winded way of saying….I want the best for you, as I do for me, so I use my love of learning to help us all to bring the best of ourselves to life….to enjoy doing so, and not live in fear of the inevitable shit that sometimes comes our way.

I am on a mission to help people to hack their stress, their limits, and their mindset so that they can live the life they want to lead. I work with people from all walks of life and understand the challenges they face.

Is it time I worked with you?