As I walked around the nature reserve today on the autumnal carpet of golden leaves I was reflecting on how trees go through the seasonal changes. In autumn their bright green leaves turn colour before they lose them completely. They go through the winter standing strong through the cold winds and frosts, void of any new growth. In spring their new growth appears and a vibrancy returns along with any spring blossom. In summer they share their full greenness and bask in the heat of the sun. They resist no season and accept the flow of time.

As the leaves floated down to the ground as I walked today I also reflected on the many people that I know whose lives also have people and things falling away at the moment. Indeed in autumn last year my own marriage and husband fell away. It is the nature of life that things fall away, whether that be leaves from the trees, people and situations or old habits that we outgrow.

We can experience many thoughts, feelings and emotions when things fall. Perhaps there is lightness, joy and ease as the heaviness of restrictive patterns, habits, and situations drop away. Perhaps there is a deep sense of separation, loss and pain if what falls away is still deeply attached to our hearts. Perhaps there is a gentle acceptance that all seasons end and what needs to fall away must fall away.

I myself trust in the nature of things. I trust that what falls away is meant to fall away. I trust that the cool, biting winds that winter brings invite me to find an inner warmth. I trust that spring will bring new growth and birth new realities, and that summer provides warmth and sunshine to grow what is ready to. I trust that all seasons take their own time and that like the trees I have no need to be in resistance to the time that life’s seasons take in my own life.

If you have things falling away in your life right now, let them go. Nature knows more than we can see and is always in alignment with our highest good. Do what you need to to nurture yourself lovingly. If it is time to let old habits fall away then now is the time. If it is time to let go of self judgement, fear, or heaviness, let them go.

Whatever season you are currently living in your life nurture yourself with love. Know that all life ebbs and flows, and nature has a master plan. We can sleep well knowing that we too are part of that plan. If we listen to the clues that rustle through the leaves in every breeze, in the chatter of the birds, or the stillness of the night we will know our part in this plan, and we will know that all is well.