Would your life be better if you had more self-belief?

Would you be happier if you felt more at ease in being you?

Would you create or change something in your life if you had the confidence to do so?


Would you like some support to do that?

Over the next 3 months I’m going to be supporting people to develop self-belief, find more ease in their own skin, overcome the things that have held them back in the past, and build the confidence to create a life they feel truly alive in.

here’s how…

Keep these dates in your diary for the live video calls:

9th October 7pm - Session 1: Getting Started!

13th November 7pm - Session 2: Committing To The Process!

11th December 7pm - Session 3: No Turning Back!

These live sessions won’t be recorded as I want them to be a comfortable space for us to be with each other and to learn and grow together without worrying what that might look like. I just know that we are going to have some deep insights arise that will feel magical and transformational

On every live call, I’ll be offering a FREE coaching session that month to someone from the session.

I’ll be posting regular videos and personal replies and encouragement throughout the month in our private Being You! FB group. I’ll send these out via email too so that people don’t have to be in the FB group if it’s not their thing.

If you’re on Facebook, you can find my Being You! private group page where I’ll be posting regular updates and encouragement. If you want to join, send me a request and I’d love you to be part of the group I’ll be posting regular videos and personal replies and encouragement throughout the month.

Spread the message! If there’s anyone else that tells you they’re struggling, and they want that to change, they’re welcome to join us too.

And, did I mention that it won’t cost you a penny?! Yep! This programme is absolutely FREE!