I have been talking about managing our internal state for some time now. (you can read my latest post on that here https://theinspiredzone.com/the-wake-up-call-of-throwing-up/ ) Now, more than ever is a wonderful opportunity to notice what your internal state is. Now, more than ever is a wonderful opportunity to notice what you are choosing.

We can choose…

Love or fear
Collaboration or chaos
Patience or panic
Selfishness or selflessness
Closed-mindedness or creativity

There is no doubt that we all face challenges right now. Our response to those challenges, both individually and collectively will determine what our future, individually and collectively, has in store for us.

Every thought, word, choice, and action is causing an effect. 
The question is, what are we choosing to cause?


If we observe anything in the outer world right now, we will see that some people are choosing to stay calm and reach out to help in any way that they can. Others are reacting from fear. It is understandable to feel some fear whenever we face uncertainty and at such times our mind can easily go into a state of over-thinking and for us to fear the worse.


Now, more than ever we need to learn to manage our internal state so that we recognise that we have a great opportunity right now to choose to be the human beings we are capable of being. We can decide to choose love over fear so that we, and the world around us, don’t spiral into fear and chaos.


To remain calm isn’t about being in denial. It’s about taking a deep breath and responding to the challenges we face in a more considered way. We need to learn to be patient, especially with those that face the formidable job of trying to find the answers right now. Let’s not shoot the messengers. Let’s remember that they are human too, and are trying their best, as we all are. It is, of course, appropriate for us all to take the precautions we need to as soon as we can – and it is appropriate for us not to panic and over-react. We can only go on the advice we are given, and we can recognise that our fear causes us to want to know THE answer now. I rarely listen to the news because I find many people’s approach to asking those ‘in power’ what the answers are to be unnecessarily aggressive and aimed at click-bate headlines, or fear-fuelling frenzying. Getting the answers we need is one thing, taking out our fears and frustrations on others is quite another.


Let’s all be accountable for what we are choosing right now.



I often refer to the wise quote from Theodore Roosevelt, ‘Do what you can, with what you have, and where you are.’ It seems to be very good advice right now.

On the note of doing what I can, with what I have, and where I am….

The Inspired Zone Community Get Together 

I am going to run a free weekly online group get-together. Every Tuesday at 7.30pm UK time, starting on 24th March, I will be offering guidance on hacking stress, limits, and mindset. We’ll meditate for a bit and talk about the practical ways to live healthier happier lives. I’ll run it as a video call in Zoom and you are all invited so please do join me if you fancy a bit of inspiration and inner calm.

You can join by clicking on this link:


That’s all for now so I look forward to welcoming you to my new Tuesday sessions and if I can help in any other way then please don’t hesitate to ask!