Living in a time when we are looking for ways to make greener choices and to become more energy efficient it seems fitting to assess how we ourselves spend our own time and energy. Every single thought, word, choice, and action takes time and energy so are you using yours wisely? 

In the first of my Inspired Zone podcasts I discuss this very topic! 

Listen Here!

On the subject of The Inspired Zone….

The first ever LIVE Video Call will take place on 19th October at 7pm UK time.  

Join me for these monthly calls where we will discuss topics like consciousness, awakening, mindfulness, meditation, breath practices, wellbeing, purpose and anything else that arises! As part of the call there may be a guided meditation or visualisation related to the topics discussed. 

All calls will be recorded and then posted into The Inspired Zone members only page on my website as a resource for all members. As a member you can watch all previous calls whether you attend the call or not. 

Call participation information:

  • For the 19 October 7pm call paste this link into your browser…

  • The first time you try to join Zoom will ask you to download the software to run the session.This will take a few moments and then you will be able to join the call. 
  • All attendees will be muted on entry to reduce background noise and interference. I will ask if anyone wants to ask a question periodically and if you do have a question then wave at me and I will ask you to unmute yourself to speak. If there are several people waving then I will write names down and come to you one at a time.
  • Downloading any of the group calls is not permitted. This is in respect of those sharing information. Please honour and respect each other. 

Additional Zoom information:

Please note that I am not a technical expert! If you experience any technical issues in joining these calls then please do research on Zoom who are technical experts!

How to join a meeting info: