“The mind is is own place, and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell and a Hell of Heaven”  John Milton

Never a truer word said than this. Our mind can literally create the life we experience. If you ever been worried or deeply fearful about something then you will know that those thoughts and feelings do indeed feel like hell. Likewise if you have ever experienced moments free from such thoughts and feelings you will have experienced the freedom of heaven felt within.

We would not be human if we haven’t ever experienced a fearful or worried thought and the emotions that can go with such thoughts. What many people don’t realise though is that there is a way to ease these worries, however extreme they might be. It is possible to let go of habitual worrying, if you want to, and if you are prepared to do the inner work needed. Whilst the rewards for doing this inner work are vast, literally heaven on earth, it does take courage because it requires you to go right through the middle of your very own inner fear. It will shine a light on all that keeps you living in your inner hell so that you can release it. It will show you the way to inner heaven, if you want it to.

When we are in the depths of any fear or worry there is a route out of it and the pace of this route will be different for all of us. For some it takes considerable time, and has to start by gently nurturing ourselves lovingly so that we feel a little safer and a little more comfortable. This is an essential part of the process for when we are in the depths of our worries or fears we literally can’t see the wood for the trees and our fight or flight response is on high alert. When we are in this space we first need to settle this fight or flight response down by switching on our relaxation response. I do a lot of work with people to help them to do this and you can find many simple practices in the ‘Inspiring Courses’ section on my website to help you do this. It is important for you to become self aware enough to know what you need to help you when you are experiencing fear or emotional upset. Whenever I personally find myself in fear I find walking in nature, restorative yoga, drinking tea, meditating, breathing practices, sometimes having a good old cry along with the support of loving family and friends all help me to settle into more comfort again. You need to find out what works for you. 

Another key area is learning how to stop the momentum of the worry thoughts before they run away. Our mind can literally be consumed with such a momentum of worried thoughts that we can create a million worse case scenarios in no time at all. These thoughts only increase our fight or flight response which limits our perception to such a degree that we can get blinkered into only seeing a negative future outcome to the things that are on our mind. We can get into the cycle of either trying to distract ourselves so we avoid our fears, or when we do think about them we only see the worse outcomes. Learning to get the momentum of negative thoughts under control plays an essential part of overcoming them. Denying that we are having them or ignoring them won’t work. It helps to acknowledge that you are feeling them, remind yourself that your thoughts are not you and that they are often just your inner fears playing out in your own mind. The breathing practices and mindfulness techniques you can find in the ‘Inspiring Courses’ section on my website will again to help you do this. Be patient with yourself though as it is very likely that it will take time for you to master this but remember all effort towards mastering your thoughts will lead you to a better place so don’t give up.

Learning mindfulness techniques to pay more attention to the moment we are in is yet another part of the process of finding your inner heaven. Among the many benefits of practicing mindfulness, one of them is our ability to notice more fully the beauty and joy that we can experience in simple moments through every day life. Noticing and appreciating the simple joys of the small things are all part of learning to live in heaven on earth. It’s all here, we just need to notice.

And this leads me to one of the best keys of all in living in heaven on earth – kindness. Kindness and love transform everything. Even the worst inner hell possible will feel better if it is approached through the eyes of kindness and love. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, be kind to all things and you will be granted access to your heaven on earth experience in life. The secret is for you to be kind and loving however you feel, no matter what you feel. If you are only kind and loving when you feel happy and safe then you will still limit your possibilities. If you can dig deep and find kindness and love inside of yourself even when it feels like the hardest thing to do then you will leave hell behind and find a whole new way of living. One that far exceeds anything you have known.

The most important thing to know though is that you need to choose. You need to know that without the earnest choice from you that you do want to live in heaven rather than hell then you will never really move beyond the cycle that your mind creates. You may have periods of more and less intensity of discomfort but you will be at the mercy of your thoughts and the world that they create for you. If you truly want to live in heaven on earth then you need to make that choice and commit to it. There is so much help in the world if you seek it and you can find all the answers that you need but you have to realise that it is a process of co-creation. Nothing can change without you owning your part and being and doing what you need to to bring about the life that you want to lead.

All of the work that I do assists people in this process of moving beyond any inner hell they might feel and in finding their own heaven on earth. It is the same work that I do for myself to move beyond my own inner hell and continue to evolve into more and more living heaven on earth. Alongside the online resources in the ‘Inspiring Courses’ section on my website you will find details of any events, one to one’s, and workplace sessions that I offer, all of which aim to help to create a heaven on earth for all of us.

Sending you all love, courage and inspiration.