After seeing the heart-warming and super successful Immanuel Ezekiel recently on Channel 5’s Rich House Poor House, I knew he had wisdom that I wanted to find out more about. So I googled him, like you do, and I found his book, The 6 Steps To Financial Freedom – How To Turn Your Debt Into Wealth, which I bought and read. 


This man is a humble, down-to-earth, hard-working genius, and I felt that intuitive nudge to try to get in touch. Having dropped him a friend request on LinkedIn and a message to say I’d love to chat to him on my podcast, I sent it out to the Universe to do it’s thing. And in no time at all, Immanuel said he’d happy to help and we were chatting on the podcast! 


This, as you will see from the podcast, sums up his open-minded generous spirit, and is undoubtedly what has contributed to his vast success and wealth. As he said, ‘kindness costs nothing, and most of my focus is on how I can help.” 


When going through a tough time, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that those who appear to be doing well have somehow had it easier, that it’s always been like that for them, or that what they have achieved is not possible for you. Immanuel, like many, show that tough times sit right in the midst of success, and that it’s how you respond to those times that makes the difference. 


We live in a time when there is an abundance of FREE information out there on absolutely everything any of us need to know to improve our situations. Making the effort to find that information, and most importantly, to act on it, will change your life. And, as Immanuel hit the nail on the head when he said, “self-awareness is where all change starts.” (mIndfulness anyone???)


I hope you enjoy this interview, and that it inspires you to take action in your own life. Small steps lead to massive change over time…’s all worth it.



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