….be at peace with the relationships you have with the people you interact with?

Time is one of the most important relationships we have. It is precious and often taken for granted. As are the relationships we have with others. They too are precious and we often take them for granted.

You might think you don’t but ask yourself these questions….

– If somebody you know died tomorrow would you be happy with the way you have treated them?

– Would you feel at peace with the way you have spoken to them?

Whilst this might seem an extreme way to look at life I think it is a good way of reminding us how precious life is. It is a good reality check on whether we are making the choices we want to in how we treat others.

More often than not it is with those we love the most that we can slip into criticising and taking for granted. Every time I hear about somebody that has suddenly passed away I feel deeply for those left behind. How do they come to terms with the fact that they probably rushed off to work that morning ‘as normal’ when they didn’t realise that on that particular day it would be the last time they saw their loved one. It’s a sobering thought.

Whilst we don’t want to live with that in the forefront of our mind, and I am not for one moment suggesting that we did, I think it is a good reminder to pay more attention to our relationships with all people.

We can try to be more mindful of our interactions so that we don’t live with any regrets in how we have spoken to someone or that we have taken them for granted. It is a calling to be more authentic from our hearts.

We are all doing our best in life. Life is precious, as are those we love.

If you are lucky enough to have people in your life that care for you cherish the moments you spend with them. When you need to give voice to a concern be mindful about whether you are saying it in a way that you could live with if it were to be the last conversation you had with them.

Probably because I have been putting the content together for my workshop on ‘Radical Time Management’ (see link at the bottom of this blog) I have been reviewing how I spend my time lately. I have been asking myself questions like these to see if I am happy with the choices I am making.

It has been a worthwhile exercise which is fine-tuning who I spend time with and how I interact with all people. It has been humbling on so many levels. It has called me to want to apologise to some people, to spend more time with some people, and to spend less time with others. For the moment at least I feel a deep peace with my choices. I feel happy with what I have said and what I haven’t. Long may that last.