I hope you have had some time to enjoy the warm weather over the summer. Maybe some time to relax and unwind?

The summer months often invite us to take the foot off the gas a bit and offer the opportunity to relax. It can allow the space to release some of the absorbed tension that accumulates from a hectic schedule. For some – not all. I hear you!

Making time to relax can be a challenge whatever time of the year. Knowing whether we are relaxed or not is another matter…even when we supposedly get time to do it!

In this months podcast I chat to my friend, Beverley Nolan, whose restorative yoga class revealed to me just how much tension my body was holding on to, even when I thought I was ‘relaxed.’

We talk fight or flight, getting in tune with our bodily response to life, and about how suppressed emotions try to find an opportunity to leave the body. Did you know that your body can also tell you when you mean yes and when you mean no? Beverley teaches us how to find that out as she leads me through doing exactly that in the podcast!

Enjoy our chat 🙂