One of the reasons I feel so passionate about helping people to reduce their stress is because I know that when we are stressed we become people that we don’t want to be. We can become short-tempered, impatient, judgemental, closed off, anxious, and depressed. We can also become unintentionally self-absorbed and fail to notice the impact we are having on those around us.


don’t want people to feel like that, and I don’t want people to pass that stress on to those around them. 


It’s often the simplest things that can make the difference to us handling the stresses that we face and that’s a good job given that when we’re stressed we rarely have the mental, emotional, or physical energy for anything above trying to get through the day. 


Perhaps the trickiest thing is in recognising stress in the first place, after all, we seem to have normalised it so much. I often have conversations with people who, on the surface, don’t think they’re stressed until we unpick how they feel and how they are acting in the world. That’s why I’ve created a quick, simple quiz to help people to understand whether they are handling life ok or whether it’s time that they did something about it. 


I have also created a totally FREE 7 Days To Less Stress programme for you which is packed full of simple tips to manage stress. I know that when people are stressed they often find it difficult to sleep and that their own inner critic can go into over-drive, so the course includes 2 bedtime meditations to help you to get to sleep and to learn to become your supportive own-best-friend-self rather than own-worst-enemy. When you sign up to the course you will get a daily email for 7 days to help you to hack your stress. Each email includes a video and top tips that you can download and save for future reference. You will find it at the bottom of most of the pages on my website and it’s all totally FREE.

You will notice that my website has lovingly been completely re-created by the lovely Naomi at  and I am so pleased with it all! Do let me know what you think. Naomi has helped to create a platform for me to offer way more to help people to hack their stress, their limits, and their mindset… keep watching this space for all that unfolds.

In the meantime, enjoy the FREE 7 Days To Less Stress programme and if I can help in any other way then please don’t hesitate to ask!