It’s the small, often subtle steps that we take on a daily basis that lead to the sort of substantial change that seems to suddenly appear as if from nowhere. So often we give up on things right at the point that they are just about to appear – like in all good films when things seem to be going wrong or at the very least ‘not right’ when just as the characters are about to give up on their quest success arrives and all is well.


These little day to day subtle choices, that though in their own right feel insignificant, are part of a grand plan unfolding, part of making any substantial goal or plan come into fruition. 


Don’t give up!


Don’t waste any energy fighting against the old ways either though, just keep on making the choices that you know serve you. Even though perhaps nothing appears to be changing for the better yet, know that it is changing and before you know it that substantial shift you have been waiting for will appear seemingly out of nowhere. Oddly, it can seem that this substantial shift has arisen totally independent of all of the little choices and actions that you have been making, but it hasn’t, it arises because you have held your vision of what you want and have taken little, subtle, inspired steps towards that vision even when you couldn’t see the path ahead. 


Notice the signs….


If however, you have been making steps in what you think is towards your vision and you find that there is a pattern of going full circle and continually ending up in the wrong place with the same old familiar, unwanted circumstances then know that you are, somewhere along the lines, making an old choice that no longer serves/never did serve you and your new vision. If that is the case then reflect upon, and if need be, shift your current choices to make sure they still fit. 


The best way to reflect on these choices is to create some time and space in which you can simply find quietness – whether that is out walking, meditating, listening to relaxing music or taking time out of your ‘normal’ day. Within that quietness ponder upon how you feel life is working/not working for you right now and then ask yourself what choices do I make that help/don’t help. Allow thoughts and feelings to filter into your awareness and you might find it helpful to write things down and see what comes to you. 


Once you have gained these insights know that it is in the daily, small choices and actions that we are either supporting our vision or holding it at bay. If a choice or action feels good to you when you make it then it is helping you, even if the results aren’t immediately apparent. It is part of the building momentum that will bring your vision into manifestation. If a choice or action doesn’t feel good to you then you are making a choice that is keeping you stuck in a way of living that no longer/didn’t ever serve you. Don’t go into victim mode here though, just notice that you are still choosing it and ask yourself if you want to keep doing that. Nobody else is choosing it for you. You don’t need to beat yourself up for having kept choosing it, just offer yourself a new choice, if you want to.


The key is to remember that what you visualise is coming to you – so keep your focus on what you do want, and notice the inspired nudges into any action that is required from you. And remember that every thought, word, choice, and action all take time and energy, and cause an effect. The question is are the ones you are making in alignment with what you say you want?


So I wish you all time for gentle reflection, paired with inspired choice and action, and a good dose of belief that what you visualise is coming to you……