More importantly….Who have you been & who are you becoming?


I don’t know about you, but for many, myself included, this year has prompted a dig-deep life review. It’s prompted a real understanding of all that’s important to us, and if we didn’t know that before it’s certainly been highlighted now. We’ve had the spotlight turned onto who we are being rather than who we think we are. Life’s funny like that; it has a way of showing us these things.


This year has also brought to the surface all the things that we’ve outgrown….and some people will choose to leave them on the surface and look the other way. Some will bury these awarenesses and carry on re-creating much of what they’re outgrown. They’ll wonder why they feel discontented and as we begin to make our way into whatever ‘the new norm’ is, they will try to re-create as near to their old familiarity as they can….even the bits that no longer fit.


Others will use this surface awareness of all that they’ve outgrown to delve in and explore what exactly they have outgrown, both in terms of the life they are living, and, perhaps more importantly, who they have been and where they’ve outgrown themselves.


You see, whilst this year has tipped our world upside down, it’s tipped our lives and routines upside down too. And this is a very good thing. Why? Because we’ve been unstuck, and whilst that can be terrifying and devastating, it can also be the perfect platform for rebirth. For starting again. For creating a life that does fit and for being who we wish to become.


It’s not always an easy process. The phrase ‘dark night of the soul’ springs to mind and I can tell you that I’ve had many of them so I’m well used to navigating them when they arise. Sometimes it can be a depth and despair that you’d wish on no-one, but when the ashes cool down after the inferno, we mostly see that despite all that we may grief for, all that no longer serves has also gone. Or, at the very least, now exists only as ashes.



From those ashes, the Phoenix really can rise, though in my experience it can take gut-wrenching effort at times. It is rarely fluffy and light. But it can happen all the same. When we decide to commit to a process and make the effort to take the steps that lead us on the path to where we wish to go, momentum gets going. Things start to change. We start to change.


Before you get excited and think this paragraph is going to tell you about the effortless happy ever after, let me gently bring you into the likely reality. The likely reality is that it continues to take focus, effort, and determination. There are days when you feel on top of the world and like everything has finally fallen into place, and there are days when you don’t feel like that at all. There are twists and turns, road-blocks and upheavals that almost make us question if anything is changing at all. But just when we are about to give up we get a reminder that we are doing really well. That things are changing. That we are changing. Whilst we love the idea of fairytale miracles that sweep their magic wands effortlessly through our lives (and that does sometimes happen) I want to encourage you that if it feels like it takes you A LOT of effort then know that you are co-creating your very own miracle……even if it doesn’t always feel that way. Things take effort and that’s OK. Sometimes it’s hard, and that’s OK. Keep going. In my experience, if we commit to trying, the universe definitely chooses to be on our side. We get the breaks we need. We get the support we need. And we are surrounded by the love we need, so long as we are open to it.


People often ask me about finding purpose and satisfaction in life and in all the years I have been working with people I can share with you two things that seem to bring about the most sense of purpose and life satisfaction. You may be surprised to know that it doesn’t have as much to do with what you are doing as you think. It has more to do with being who you are here to be, and of trying your best in life….no matter what the circumstances. Do that and you will feel authentic and at peace with the knowledge that you can do no more.


So wherever you are in life right now, however daunted you are in delving into what you want to create in your future and of how to be the person you wish to become, have faith. Do the work. Make the effort. Because despite the dark nights of the soul that we pass through, it is absolutely always worth it. The alternative is a far worse place and we rarely find purpose and satisfaction there. One thing is for certain though, it’s always our own choice.


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Anyway, that’s it for now! Take care of yourself. Have the courage to let go of who you’ve been and be who you wish to become.

There is magic in the air…. 💕💕