May You….

May you stay grounded in your energy today.

May all of your thoughts and choices come from the heart.

And may you have peace on every level.


When I taught yoga I used to like to end each class with this and for each day it seems like a great intention or prayer to have. So for May’s blog I thought I would delve a little deeper into what I mean when I say it.

May you stay grounded in your energy today…

Well what does being grounded mean? I think of it as being present in this moment as your true, authentic self. Of being in the here and now and of being aware of you, those around you and your immediate surroundings. This is really what we mean when we talk about mindfulness. It is so easy to get swept up in chaos and drama, especially when it really belongs to other people. It is easy to get swept up in busyness and busy thoughts. Being grounded means not getting swept away by things. To help you to stay grounded try breath awareness techniques, even just taking one or two simple deep, conscious breaths will help. Walking in nature will help. Eating wholesome, natural food will help. I will be writing more about being your authentic self in next month’s blog, but for now let’s summarise it as being you, exactly as you are, without the need to get drawn away from all your brilliant uniqueness in order to ‘fit in’. So being grounded is about being you, in this moment.

May all of your thoughts and choices come from the heart….

Our thoughts and choices often come from one of two places, love or fear. Often people think of choices coming from either the head or the heart although it is possible for those two to agree. The head, perhaps thinking of it as left brain thinking of logic and masculine energy, will of course think about all possibilities and outcomes. The heart, perhaps associating this with right brain intuition, gut feeling and feminine energy will often seem to defy logic and make a choice because it ‘just feels right’. What often happens with either though is that our thoughts and choices are responding to our fears and to our ego. From this place we are very limited and therefore our thoughts and choices become limited. When we balance both the masculine logic and feminine intuition we come to expanded awareness where thoughts and choices can come from a place of love. This is not some wishy washy dream place, it is a grounded place of wisdom and love. Being grounded helps us to be aware of our thoughts and choices. Practicing breath awareness techniques and meditation helps us to cultivate thoughts and choices from the heart. As will the way we feel when we do think and choose from the heart – once you start to live from this place your life will change and this will be all the encouragement you need. A good way to start this practice is trying to be more mindful of thoughts and choices by asking yourself ‘does this thought/choice come from love?’ This will develop your awareness of where your thoughts come from and with that gives you the choice to choose from a different place, if you want to.