Mindset is incredibly powerful. How we look at the world tells us what our mind is projecting out into it, and that not only are we projecting it, we are in fact creating it.


And as the world is seemingly functioning at a faster pace than ever so too is our mindset creating a quicker boomerang effect of what we put out coming straight back to us.


What goes around, comes around….seemingly quicker.


For those of you that practice gratitude you will no doubt have noticed that on the days that you set the intention to notice all that you are grateful for, that somehow those days just seem to be filled with blessings, joy, and flow. You notice how kind and generous people are. You find that parking space. You get that contract. You feel lighter and happier in yourself.


Gratitude has a companion, and that is generosity. When you live with an attitude of gratitude you can’t help but be more generous in everything that you do. And, as what goes around comes around, before you know it everything in life is just flowing that bit easier. Everything in life feels abundant and magical.


Even tough days feel that bit softer and whilst on those tough days gratitude and generosity might not quite feel like joyful, blissful magic, they feel like the loving hand of grace is helping you through your challenge. You do not feel alone.


The topic of practicing gratitude is sweeping around the world lately and before you overlook it as just the latest cliché I would back up and try it. Why? Because the alternative to living with a mindset of gratitude and generosity is likely to be living with one of complacency and lack. If you are in that mindset then you are likely to take your day to day luxuries for granted. You take the roof over your head for granted. You stop appreciating all the continual caring things that your loved ones do for you on a daily basis. You are too busy to take time for people. You become ungrateful for the job you have or the car you drive. In short, you become, unintentionally, self absorbed in your own ‘me, myself, and I’ world. You are so busy chasing  after or moaning about all the things that you haven’t got that you don’t notice all the things that you already have. You think you are owed all of these things, and you are not. There by the grace of God…


So, without judging yourself, which mindset do you have?


Which one will you choose to have today?