“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Desmond Tutu


This morning I found myself thinking about something that is in no way useful. I was pondering over a conversation that two people may or may not have had or might have, and what they might be saying if they were having such a conversation. After a few moments I had that outsiders awareness of me thinking these thoughts and what a waste time and energy it was. So I instantly decided to redirect the focus of my thoughts into something that had a useful purpose, and of how easy it was to do that simply by awareness and choice.


That’s how mindfulness can help with our thoughts. If our thoughts happen to have landed at the wrong destination we can redirect them to the subject address we want them to get to.


I have a really nice day ahead of me and this random chain of thoughts that I found myself having this morning could not be more out of alignment with my day. It was pretty easy for me to drop the story as soon as I recognised I was having it.

I quite like the imagery of an inner redirection service that we run ourself. For many people there is quite a back log of useless or destructive junk thoughts that are best redirected to a more useful focus. If you sign up to that inner redirection service you will find that the more you use it the more efficient it becomes.


Try it out for yourself! What thoughts need redirecting? Each time you notice your thoughts have arrived at the wrong destination redirect them to your chosen one.


That inner redirection service of filtering out the junk will no doubt help you to have a better day!


And if you are reading this thinking that it won’t work….. before you have even tried it…. then ask yourself if you want to keep that thought and whether it serves you and what you want out of life 😉

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