The question is, what do we notice when it does?


Whether it comes about through choice or through the external world creating one for us, it arrives into our life….if we notice it. The definition of a ‘pause’ is a temporary stop in action or speech. I would add to that a temporary stop or interruption of habitual thinking and doing. A moment in time where we stand back and view the goings-on, both past and present, and put a bit of space between what we notice and how we might be consciously or unconsciously responding to it all.


Perhaps, it’s also a moment where we reflect on where we ourselves are now, where we’ve been, and where we want to go. Maybe it would be more apt to say who we are now, who we have been, and who we wish to become. Personally, these days, I find myself having more of a focus on noticing where I still hold resistance to life itself; of trying to become aware of which areas I am not free within myself and of how life is showing me this.


Of course, at a deeper level we always have been and always will be the thread that links it all, but on the surface at least, every now and then, we realise we have got totally lost in the ripples of doing. We’ve been working hard at everyday life. We’ve been working hard at moving on. On keeping going. On life itself. Sometimes, a pause helps us to see that we’ve been working too hard. Working too hard on trying to leave behind or move on from what we don’t want and working hard on moving towards or getting what we do want. Then there are the times in life when we get side-swiped by life’s circumstances and we work hard to navigate that. At times we just happen to get the opportunity to step back and notice that we’ve been working so much at it all that we’ve got lost in it. A pause can reveal this.


Do you ever feel like you are in resistance to life itself? That despite all of your efforts it just doesn’t seem to ever flow?

Or, perhaps, you have been so overwhelmed by life that you feel lost in it all….like a ship without a sail maybe? You don’t even know what you should put your efforts into or work towards.

Maybe, life is just fine.


For many people, it felt like we had a pause when we went into lockdown and it might feel like we’ve moved on from that as we make our way out of it all. But, have we really paused enough to fully take stock and shift that which was ready to shift? I know that many had the sentiment of doing so in the midst of lockdown, but are we now living that which we took stock of?


Perhaps, it is now that we need to pause. Before we move forwards.


If you did allow yourself a pause in life at the moment, what would you notice? If you let go of all of the trying and doing, what is left?

Is this something that feels worth exploring a bit? To pause for a moment. To drop all of your effort and see what is behind it all.

If it is something that you feel is worth doing then you could invite yourself to this by even just sitting for a few minutes and taking a few deep breaths. You could explore it in your own meditation or by pondering upon it whilst out walking or sitting in nature.

If you would like to explore it even further then you could join me for a free virtual discussion and led meditation to do exactly this. To pause. To drop the effort. To notice what’s left. To review who you’ve been, who you are, and who you might be becoming. To review where you’ve been, where you are, and where you might be going. To ponder upon what life would be like if we moved out of the way of it 🤔



If you would like to join me for a shared pause, you can do so this Wednesday 19th August 2020 at 7pm BST.

Topic: Louise Lloyd’s Pause Webinar
Time: Aug 19, 2020 19:00 London

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