Welcome to Day 1

I am so glad that you decided to take control of your stress. Throughout the 7 day course you will learn simple and effective tools to help you to manage how you feel and to see your way through whatever challenges you face right now.

Step-by-step you can calm your nerves, quieten down your over-thinking mind, and become your own-best-friend in the process.

And the best thing of all……I know you probably feel like you don’t have the time or energy to turn your life around, so these tools are all super-easy and completely doable.

That said…..they won’t work if you don’t do them!  So, please, give them a go. If you can commit the time and effort to helping yourself in the next 7 days, your life can change. You can change.

Shall we get started?

Tip #1 As Best You Can

You have always done the best that you can. You are doing so right now. And you always will.

It’s so easy to forget that. It’s so easy to give yourself a hard time about all the things you think you are failing at.

From now on, give yourself a break. Simply get up each day and do the best that you can. No more. No less.

Tip #2 This Can Change

When life is tough it can feel like there is no light at the end of the stress tunnel. No wonder that feels overwhelming.

But it can change. How you handle life can change. You can change. That I know for sure.

Every time you feel stuck, say these three words to yourself, “This Can Change.”

You don’t need to know how or even believe that it’s possible, just say the words. Magical things happen when you allow for the possibility and declare it to the Universe. This Can Change.

Tip #3 Single Breath Practice

This practice is so simple and is one of the most significant things that continues to change my life, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

It is simply to take a single, deep, conscious breath, to remind yourself that life happens one moment at a time. Anything you face right now only needs to be dealt with one moment at a time. Even the busiest of days only happens one moment at a time.

Some of the overwhelm we feel is because in our minds we are trying to do it all at once. We don’t have to. We only have to do it one moment at a time. One breath at a time.

Every time you feel stressed, hurried, overwhelmed, upset, unfocussed, or that you just need a moment to yourself, take a single, deep, conscious breath, noticing you inhale and your exhale.

Try it now, take a deep inhale, and a complete exhale.

For me, that has been an absolute game changer.

Tip #4 Posture

Seeing as we are all in a body, we all have a posture, and it can either be helping us or it can be hindering us. It may as well be helping us. So, this tip is really simple. It will need you to make a bit of effort to check in with your posture at random points through the day but it is super effective. It’s simply to do this…

Stand or sit just that little bit taller. Roll your shoulders up, back, and down, to open your posture. Hold your head high. You’ve got this!

In summary today then….

You’re doing the best that you can.

This can change. You can change.

Single breath practice - take life one breath at a time.

Stand tall. You’ve got this!