It seems that my post about competition resonated with many of you. The insecurities and self judgement that can come about whenever we find ourselves comparing ourselves with or competing with another seemed to strike a familiar chord. All of these feelings come from an underlying feeling of lack, which comes ultimately comes from fear. It is the egoic fear for survival and it’s storyline is always one of me, myself and I. For lifetimes it has driven us as humans to function in a dog eat dog world and it has caused us to feel a host of accompanying emotions ranging from greed, terror, jealousy and hatred all the way through to egoic pride, sense of superiority, selfishness and judgement. It’s symptoms are depression, anxiety, physical illness, violence and war, to name just a few.

This way of being is however having the light shined upon it for us to make new choices, if we want to. The very craziness going on in the world right now is evidence of all that comes from that place being brought to the very surface for us all to plainly see. Indeed there is much going on in the world right now that could spin us further and further into fear, if we let it. It will highlight all that is fearful within us personally and it will allow us to review the way we ourselves live our lives.

As many of you know I have been running my own experiment for some time now about choosing love, what that looks like in day to day life and how my life changes as a result. Of late I have been paying attention to what happens in life when I make a conscious effort to be as kind and generous as I can in each moment. Wow! What a pleasant learning curve this is proving to be. In some of the more obvious moments I notice things are as I would expect them, the warmth felt when truly listening to another or the smile on a strangers face when I initiate a smile in passing. It is in the more challenging moments though that I notice the surprising level of benefit. In moments when another is being rude, impatient or negative if I stay calmly centered in my own intentions of being kind and generous I am finding that the impact they have on me changes. Their mood no longer affects mine, and I find myself in a genuine place of compassion for where they are, without a need to change it or them in any way. Being sensitive to energy I often feel another’s energy so intensely, whether that be joy, anger, depression, anxiety or impatience. In the past this has made me feel very uncomfortable and I have either tried to help to shift their discomfort (people pleasing tendencies and rescue/fixer habitual response) or I have run for the trees. I have even felt guilty in the past for me feeling so happy when another doesn’t. All of this simply creates even more dis-ease in our collective energy.

How different things are though when I am consciously choosing to be kind and generous. I have noticed that physically I feel lighter, that I have less aches and pains. I can even feel tension dropping from my face, tension I didn’t even know was there until it softened. I feel more connected to people, without taking on their stuff. I have more energy and I enjoy what I have to offer people. I feel less judgmental and less reactive. I see the good in people rather than get drawn into the ‘faults’ that our ego will always see and judge them as for.

This simple but life changing focus on just making the effort to be a little kinder and a little more generous has brought about such a great feeling of ease and seems such an easy way to meet the challenges of all that we can not control and all that creates dis-ease amongst us. I can highly recommend it. Rather than looking at everything that is wrong ‘out there’ shifting the focus to how I am responding to anything life brings to me has completely shifted everything into a whole new way of living – one I will continue.

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My next Inspiring Event – The Law Of Attraction.

Rather like all that comes from lack being highlighted in the world right now The Law Of Attraction (LoA) is also coming more and more into the public eye. It is showing us that despite the outer appearance in the world right now that we can create our own future. The LoA shows us that it is our internal reality that creates our external one. The sayings ‘what goes around, comes around’ and ‘you reap what you sow’ give us a clue as to how all this works although there is much more to it than that. I will be covering this very topic and how it can work for you on September 17th.

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