I am delighted to launch my new monthly podcast, The Inspired Zone Podcast!  Each month I will be joined by an expert to have a chat about all things wellbeing, stress management, and mindset.

In this months podcast, I am joined by the inspiring Adele Stickland. Adele Stickland is a Women’s Health Coach and founder of Get Gorgeous, an online platform dedicated to inspiring and empowering women to great health and vitality. For over 20 years she has educated and guided women on nutrition, movement and mindset. She is the author of her bestselling book Get Gorgeous which helps women to get underneath what’s stopping them from making the choices that support their health and vitality.

We chat about what drives our diet and exercise choices, how to stop comfort eating, and taking ownership of our lifestyle. We mention the ‘c’ word, and we talk about alcohol, obviously 😉

I hope you enjoy our chat and if you are inspired to nudge your own lifestyle choices then I highly recommend Adele’s book, which I personally loved and totally resonated with.  I don’t get commission for recommendations, so I genuinely only share what I have found worth reading, and Adele’s book is on that list.

PS the podcasts will be available in audio on Spotify and/or iTunes soon….but one step at a time eh…it’s summer 😉

PPS Please would you help?…

….when you watch this video please could you subscribe to my YouTube Inspired Zone channel….Having just set it up I am yet to have any subscribers so it would be really nice to get some ;-/