I am reading a great book at the moment called ‘The Surrender Experiment’ by Michael Singer. I first came across Michael’s work in a book he wrote called ‘The Untethered Soul’ which covers the incessant amount of inner mental chatter that goes on in our minds and in finding freedom from it.


The Surrender Experiment is really the story of Michael’s life and how he allowed his trust in life knowing more than he did to guide his every move. In short, he got out of the way of life and simply went with all that life brought to him. He surrendered his egoic mind and fears to trust that life knew best, and seemingly it did.


I have found the book such an inspiring read and a reminder that sometimes we just need to loosen our grip around life a bit. To trust that the unfolding of life’s events is truly in our best interest. That life is happening for us not to us. I know it doesn’t always feel that way but I personally believe that to be true.


Often we can’t see where life is taking us but in hindsight we can usually join up the dots and see that it really has been unfolding in such a way as it was meant to. I know that when my husband left me out of the blue that I was totally devastated and yet at the same time knew it was the right thing for him to do. I let go into the process and whilst undoubtedly the most painful experience of my life, there was an inner peace that kept saying to me ‘it’s ok, let him go, it’s meant to be.’  Surrendering to life’s challenging times doesn’t remove the pain but it removes the added suffering that comes with holding on to something that has been outgrown.


Surrendering to trust also brings about the most joyous and fulfilling life too. I have always followed the guidance that comes through to me in meditation. It is that very guidance that invited me to leave my previous career, teach yoga, and gradually evolve into what I do now. It is a wonderful journey that enables me to meet some amazing people and have some great conversations.


Every now and then I tighten my grip around life, usually when I am not meditating enough, and when I do that I can tangibly feel the tension in my body. I feel the fear within and it’s then that I start to overthink things. As soon as I get back into meditation I gain trust in life again. I let go.


Reading The Surrender Experiment has been a timely reminder to let go, to loosen my grip, and to see what life has in store next. Reading it has posed a few questions for me to ponder upon, and maybe I will follow Michael’s example and have these as my own little experiment with life. The very thought fills me with excitement!

What if I were just to let go completely.

What if I stopped trying to anticipate anything.

What if I became completely detached to outcome. If I just gave myself the freedom to enjoy giving the best I could offer in that moment, irrelevant of the result. I know I had my best results competing when I did that, and have played my best rounds of golf when I do that.

What if I just said what I felt, with total freedom from how it might be perceived.

What if I followed my heart, even when my head said don’t.

What if I said no, just because.

What if I said yes, just because.

What if I allowed my body to let go of daily tension.

What if I just loosen my grip on all of life and see where it takes me, instead of me trying to take it.
What if….


What if you did the same….