Given that it’s Mental Health Awareness Week I thought I would share a few top tips to keep your mental health in tip top shape.


#Tip 1 is what I call the ‘Single Breath Practice’ 


Simply take a deep conscious breath as often as you can throughout the day to remind yourself to be fully present where you are. Use it as a transition from one meeting into the next, or before you respond to anything.


However busy your week is it only happens one moment at a time – the single breath practice will remind you of that. As Theodore Roosevelt wisely said “do what you can, with what you have, and where you are.” You really can’t do more than that!



#Tip 2  is that it’s good to talk, and it’s good to listen.


We don’t always feel on top of the world and sometimes we feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. We don’t have to face life on our own though.


However busy your week is or however heavy your burdens are take time to talk to someone you can share your problems with. Likewise be that someone. We are here for each other – surely that’s what life is about. Never be too busy for that.


Time to get the kettle on for that cup of tea and chat then 😉



#Tip 3 is to recognise that YOU are amazing!


Yep, you are totally amazing exactly as you are, with your weird bits, your mistakes, your weaknesses and your fears. You are totally amazing exactly as you are, with all that you bring to the world, your kindness, your skills, and your talents.


As such, like anything else of such amazing worth you need looking after! Recognise your total awesomeness enough to look after yourself, to accept yourself, and to love yourself exactly as you are….and as for those bits that you want to improve….love yourself enough to invest your time and energy in doing so. You’re worth it!


Ditch the filter!


#Tip 4 is to sleep your way to top health and happiness.

Yep – you need 7 to 9 hours a night to keep you physically, mentally and emotionally well.


I know many people don’t get that, and of course there are some periods in life when sleep is challenging to say the least. There are many things we can do to help though. Having spent the last few months studying all things sleep I recently wrote an article with top tips for getting a good night’s sleep and the effects of sleep deprivation.


You can read that article here



#Tip 5  is to get out in nature.

We all know the benefits of exercise so to super boost those benefits get yourself outside.


30 minutes walking outside each day helps us to sleep better, boosts our wellbeing, connects us to the beautiful nature around us, and lifts our spirit. Here are a few suggestions of how to add nature to your daily life…


Have a cuppa in the garden before you start your day. An early morning walk before work. Walk to work. Walking meetings. Walk at lunchtime. Walk after work. Get out on your bike or go for a run. Join an outside fitness group or running club. Get out in your garden if you have one. If you don’t have one get some plants in the house. Visit a local park, nature reserve, or walk in the countryside. Go to the beach for the day. Look up at the sky often. Notice the trees, flowers and wildlife all around you.


Nature is the miracle that surrounds every moment of every day and night, whatever kind of day your are having. If you ever get TV bound realise that there is a whole other world outside your living room just waiting for you to connect with it 🙂



It’s the little lifestyle changes that are transformational so start where you are and with what is possible. And if you take one thing away from this blog then please take away the fact that you are an amazing human being and to love yourself enough to care for yourself. You are totally worth it!