Take a moment to feel into Gandhi’s wise words of “happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do, are in harmony”……


They speak to congruency and integrity with living a life in keeping with who we really are. There’s an ease to that; a deep felt peace and a lightness of being.


Well, there is, unless, of course, you have total congruency in what you think, say and do but that all of it comes from a place of low self-worth or lack of self-belief. Then you may well be in perfect alignment with contributing to a distinct lack of happiness….and I say that with the upmost love, compassion and understanding.


Think about you for a moment….from a loving, non-judgemental space…


Are your thoughts, words, and actions in alignment? And what are they in alignment with?


Perhaps you observe a lack of congruency in them…


How often do you say one thing and do another? When are your actions out of alignment with what you say you want? And why is that? Without judging yourself, be honest with yourself.


Going around in circles can be exhausting, frustrating, and yet, so many of us fall into that trap at times. The trap of feeling stuck in life when we, ourselves, are the very ones choosing to go round in the same circle time and time again. Often, we don’t see that though, until we step back from our situation and look for any repetitive patterns.


Whether it’s a job you’ve outgrown, a relationship that isn’t working, or the same relationship or job time-and-time again. Maybe it’s a lack of self-care that keeps you stuffing down food or alcohol and welded to the sofa. What circle are you continually going around?


There are many reasons that we lack congruency in our words and actions, and being in total alignment is often easier said than done…but it’s worth looking at isn’t it?


If you feel stuck in any area of your life, if something isn’t working, if you’re unhappy or not getting the outcomes you want….pause….ask yourself this very important question….


What part are you playing in your own suffering?


A beautiful, and revealing, practice might be for you to keep a journal for the rest of the month with this focus.


Take time this month to really listen to yourself. Write down how you feel, and the thoughts you repeatedly have. Keep a note of your choices and actions in everyday life and feel into what’s behind them.


When you’ve identified the part you play in your own suffering, you could then bring in your own-best-friend-self and ask yourself, ‘how could I lovingly support myself with my thoughts, words and actions today?’



Every thought, word, choice and action causes an effect. What thoughts, words, choices and actions no longer serve the person you wish to be and the life you wish to live?

Every single moment is an opportunity to choose. That choice is always ours.