There is so much we can be more of, do more of, have more of, and achieve more of. Sometimes though, in all of our growth, it’s about what we let go of and what we do less of.


It’s about being lighter in ourselves, in our minds, and in all that we carry from one moment to the next.


There is something quite freeing about doing less of the things that clutter our being.


Maybe that’s a simple as doing less scrolling, drinking less caffeine, speaking less negatively, having conversations less speedily, or wasting less time focusing on that which we can’t control.


There is something liberating about letting go of the behaviours and patterns that we’ve outgrown.


Maybe that’s letting go of a habit, letting go of a relationship that causes pain, letting go of a goal that doesn’t feel right anymore, or letting go of a career that feels like someone else’s.


And when we do less of the things that don’t serve us, when we let go of things that we’ve outgrown, there is a sigh of relief.


We know that we’re following our truth. We know that, sometimes, less is more.


What can you do less of this week?

What could you let go of?