Workplace Coaching & Training

Helping people to get present enough to reach their potential.

I offer a variety of group and individual sessions on creating greater presence to unlock the energy and mindset for achieving success.  I help people to develop self-awareness, personal resilience and to manage their own energy, stress levels, and mindset. To me, life-fulfillment, success, and wellbeing all go hand-in-hand.

Louise lives and breathes her work! She is passionate about supporting people to support themselves. She advocates and teaches some wonderful mindfulness, breathing and mindset shifts.

Christina Youell
Director, People & Performance Ltd

The simple and effective techniques that I offer can help to:

build resilience and wellbeing

reach greater potential

develop emotional intelligence

create better teamwork & relationships

Being Present In Life...

Who is the be-ing at the centre of all of your do-ing?

Becoming more present in everyday life allows us the opportunity to both accept the person we are, and to become the person we wish to be. Whilst it can often be stress, anxiety and overwhelm that first invites people into the practice of living life more mindfully, that access point is just the beginning. Being more fully present in life opens the doorway to us truly being able to reach our highest potential as a human being, in all that we are and all that we do.

This introductory programme lays the foundation for learning to be more present in everyday life.

Here’s a few of the areas we’ll cover:

  • Being fully present in life – what does it mean? why is it life-changing? what gets in the way of us being fully present?
  • The dynamic relationship of emotions, thoughts and feelings
  • The purpose, benefits and challenges of meditation
  • Developing a meditation practice
  • Non-judgement – what does that mean? Living it – with ourself, others, and in life
  • Compassion and accountability – getting the right balance
  • Overcoming the natural defensiveness of the egoic self

Being present in life is the single most effective thing we can do to live life more fully. My life’s work is now focused on helping people to develop that skill.

    The Ultimate Resilience Programme

    Have you ever asked yourself who is the be-ing at the centre of all of your do-ing? 

    When there is so much challenge, change, and uncertainty in the outer-world it can easy to lose sight of the one thing that sits at the centre of navigating it all  – us! 

    The ability to navigate both our internal and external world is the difference between achieving success and fulfilment in life or struggling and failing to reach our potential. 

    This programme aims to be transformational to create lasting resilience, along with change where needed. It can be delivered in-person or virtually to any group size, as team coaching, or as a pre-recorded programme for your organisation to have as your own resource. 

    Highlights of topics covered in this programme: 

    • The internal state and why managing it is important
    • Developing self-awareness 
    • Moving beyond the patterns and defensiveness of the ego
    • Balancing self-acceptance, self-ownership, self-compassion, and self-development
    • When and how to shift state
    • Simple practices to establish authentic resourceful states
    • Maintaining steadiness within change and uncertainty
    • Growth, fixed and victim mindsets
    • Collective team state – balancing the ‘I’ with the ‘we’
    • Creative problem solving
    • Solution-orientation
    • Accessing higher states of awareness 
    • Values – walking the talk


      I’d love to support you all with this transformative programme!  Let’s chat about how that might work…

    “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.”  Charles Swindoll

    Keeping Stress Manageable

     Stress is an inevitable part of life and it’s not all bad! We actually thrive on having some stress in our lives but what’s the difference between someone that successfully manages stress and someone that doesn’t? How do we know when positive stress turns into negative stress?

    Here’s what we can explore to keep stress manageable…

    • What is stress and what causes it? 
    • How do we recognise it in ourselves and in others?   
    • How do we know when positive stress has become negative stress?
    • What can we do to manage it?
    • What do we do when we’re not coping?
    • How do we support ourselves and each other?

    I offer a variety of webinars and in-person training that can be tailored to your needs. I’d love to support you and have a chat about how that might work for you…

    Bespoke Training & Coaching

     The world is our oyster!

    You tell me what you need and let’s have a chat about how I could support you with both group and individual coaching and training. Here are just a few of the areas I support organisations with… 


    • Mindful Managers & Leaders – This programme equips managers and leaders with developing the people skills to better manage their teams. It covers key areas of recognising and managing stress, developing awareness, empathy and emotional intelligence, and effective communication.
    • Mindful Teamwork – This programme equips teams to better understand and support each other. It covers key areas of recognising and managing stress, developing awareness, empathy and emotional intelligence, and effective communication.
    • Hackathon –  Creative sessions that help move from challenges to solutions.
    • Loving life outside of the comfort zone! – and how to produce your best outcomes from it!
    • Walking the value talk – bringing values to life in everyday living.


      I’d love to hear more with you about what you need, what you want to achieve, and how I could support you with that! Let’s have a chat…

    “ Louise delivered a programme of Mindful Wellbeing sessions for TWI with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Employees felt it was one of the best courses they have ever been on and the opportunity to learn techniques that changed their everyday lives. Hugely beneficial at all levels across the organisation. I highly recommend Louise and her course.

    Sarah Smith

    Chartered MCIPD

    “Louise was an integral part to Buckles Wellbeing Strategy. Her insightful sessions focused on a deeper understanding of one’s environment and then developing a resilience strategy to complement this. She ran excellent group sessions and 1:1 coaching, both for the senior team and also across the organisation. The feedback received was outstanding and I would highly recommend Louise to any organisation. I look forward to working with her again.”

    Jennie Oliver FCIPD MBA Pc.dip

    Director, Scarlett Associates

    “Louise is passionate about helping people to improve their wellbeing and performance,  this comes through in her delivery whichever topic she is speaking about. Her style is great; she is relaxed and really engages with the audience. She always makes sure there are practical takeaways that people can fit into their everyday lives. I would recommend Louise’s sessions to anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing or performance.”

    Sarah Smith

    People Partner Redgate Software

    “I have worked with Louise for many years and what she brings to her training sessions is quite unique. Her ability to get those who do not believe in wellbeing techniques on board and benefitting is quite uncanny. She offers ways for all of us to live a calmer more in control life, where we can achieve our goals, and actually stop and appreciate the world we live in and enjoy things we usually miss in life. I can highly recommend Louise.”

    Lindy Tegg

    HR Manager - UK

    “Louise’s work with UNICEF’s Senior Leadership Development Programme has been a tremendous success. She has the uncanny ability to gauge, in the moment, just what the group needs and to adapt her sessions to suit. What began as a simple notion of helping focus the group has turned into a deeply impactful and completely integral part of the programme. Superb!”

    Dawn Denvir

    Chief, Organizational Learning and Development Section (OLDS) - DHR United Nations Children’s Fund , UNICEF

    “Louise has played a very big part in wellbeing at Abcam. She is very supportive and understands the importance of wellbeing in the workplace. Louise is a great listener and has a lot of great ideas; a real inspiration!”

    Rebecca Molloy

    Abcam plc, Corporate Health and Safety and Environment Manager

    “After Louise first delivered the Ultimate Resilience Programme for us during lockdown in 2020, the feedback was so amazing that we invited her straight back to run it again! The nine session programme covers a wide range of topics including resilience, finding balance, improving focus and managing stress.  Louise is excellent! Her knowledge and expertise in this field is outstanding and she has a real passion and desire to help people.  She is kind, relaxed and informal and this allows people to trust her and enables open and honest discussions resulting in clear development and growth. I highly recommend this programme to any organisation.”

    Sharon Budworth

    Head of HR UK & EMEA, Domino UK Ltd