Workplace Coaching & Training

Transforming leadership and teamwork through the power of being more present.

I truly believe that, with awareness, we naturally gravitate towards being the people we want to be and achieving our greatest potential.

To me, success, teamwork, and wellbeing all start with being present.

Learning to be more present in life will enable you to…

Be more resilient

Reach greater potential

Live more vibrantly

Create better teamwork and relationships

Being present in life is the single most effective thing we can do to live life more fully and reach our greatest potential.

My life’s work is now focused on supporting people to do just that, through a range of services including the bespoke coaching and workplace programmes below.

Inspired Leadership and Team Coaching

Here, the world is our oyster!

I have been working with leaders, teams and organisations for over 20 years to help them to gain greater awareness, presence and ownership in life. I’d love to hear more with you about what you need, what you want to achieve, and how I could support you with that!

The Being Present Programme

Designed to help you to cultivate greater vibrancy and effectiveness in your professional and personal life, this programme is my best one yet!

It will transform you and your team on so many levels and covers areas including being present in life, navigating tough situations, compassion and accountability, and how to create your own wellbeing strategy to live life vibrantly.

Get  in Touch

If you’d like to find out more about my coaching services or The Being Present Programme, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love for us to have a chat.

“Louise lives and breathes her work! She is passionate about supporting people to support themselves. She advocates and teaches some wonderful mindfulness, breathing and mindset shifts.”

Christina Youell

Director, People & Performance Ltd

Louise has been wonderful on our programmes at Cambridge. Her work with diverse groups of senior leaders is transformative and inspiring. Both in her mindfulness work and her coaching practice she creates an environment that allows great insight and reflection. Her work is essential for self-reflection, which is the foundation of leadership and management.

Philip Stiles

Programme Director, Executive Education at Judge Business School

“Louise’s work with UNICEF’s Senior Leadership Development Programme has been a tremendous success. She has the uncanny ability to gauge, in the moment, just what the group needs and to adapt her sessions to suit. What began as a simple notion of helping focus the group has turned into a deeply impactful and completely integral part of the programme. Superb!”

Dawn Denvir

Chief, Organizational Learning and Development

“Louise is passionate about helping people to improve their wellbeing and performance,  this comes through in her delivery whichever topic she is speaking about. Her style is great; she is relaxed and really engages with the audience. She always makes sure there are practical takeaways that people can fit into their everyday lives. I would recommend Louise’s sessions to anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing or performance.”

Sarah Smith

People Partner Redgate Software

“Louise is a great listener and has a lot of great ideas; a real inspiration!”

Rebecca Molloy

Abcam plc

“I have worked with Louise for many years and what she brings to her training sessions is quite unique. Her ability to get people onboard and benefitting is quite uncanny. She offers ways for all of us to feel more in control and live a calmer life where we can achieve our goals, and actually stop and appreciate the world we live in and enjoy things we usually miss in life. I can highly recommend Louise.”

Lindy Tegg

HR Manager – UK

“After Louise first delivered the Ultimate Resilience Programme for us during lockdown in 2020, the feedback was so amazing that we invited her straight back to run it again! Louise is excellent! Her knowledge and expertise in this field is outstanding and she has a real passion and desire to help people.  She is kind, relaxed and informal and this allows people to trust her and enables open and honest discussions resulting in clear development and growth. I highly recommend her to any organisation.”

Sharon Budworth

Domino UK Ltd