I don’t know about you but I have sensed that this strong wind has intentionally been blowing through us to upend everything that is stuck but needs unsticking. It blows away all that doesn’t have the appropriate roots to stop it growing further. It blasts away that which we have clung onto through fear.

For some the strength of these winds of change literally mirrors the force at which their entire life seems to have been uprooted over the last while, having left them standing somewhere without quite knowing how they got there, or indeed where they even are.


For me, particularly having spent the last few weeks pondering on values and how I value myself and others, I have a sense of excited anticipation of what this wind will bring, and of what it will take away. I loosen my grip of everything around me to allow the wind to blow away all that doesn’t fit anymore. I invite it to blow away all outdated ways of being and old choices that no longer serve.

There were also days last week when I sensed so much going on for people that I was quite happy to snuggle up on my sofa and take respite from the strength of the wind and all that it was stirring up.


How about you?

What do the winds of change sweep away from your life? What do they bring in?


If you are feeling uncertainty as the winds of change sweep through life, here are a few things that might comfort you..


Try one of these meditations….



And you might find this gives you the encouragement you need today…