The tips and tools that I offer in wellbeing sessions are very simple and don’t take much effort to put into practice. They are so simple that some people make the mistake of thinking that they are too simple for them because ‘their problems are way bigger than these simple solutions.’

They have a point…’s just not the one they think they have.

I suspect that their problems won’t be solved by these simple solutions, not because the solutions won’t work but because they themselves are standing in their own way. They won’t try. They won’t give the tools a go. They will continue doing exactly what they are doing and wonder why nothing is changing. Then they moan that nothing works! They are really waiting for a magic wand to come along and make all of their problems disappear as if they have nothing to do with them. If only they realised that they are the magic wand and could change everything.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Einstein

Every thought, word, choice and action takes time and energy and causes an effect. If you keep having the same thoughts, speaking the same words, choosing the same choices and taking the same actions then you can only expect the same effect.

This is fantastic if you like how things are. And this is fantastic if you don’t. Why? Because you have the power to create change in your life if you change what you are doing.

So, what area of your life aren’t you happy with? 

1) Having identified it, IF you genuinely want to change the results you are getting then try this:

2) Identify the area you are not happy with, and then consider the thoughts, words, choices and actions YOU have in response to it.

3) Next, consider how you would like that particular area to be.

4) Now identify how YOU could change your thoughts, words, choices and actions to be more in alignment with achieving what you want rather than recreating what you don’t want.

5) Now, most importantly….stick with it. Remember every thought, word, choice and action is either in alignment with what you want or it isn’t.

6) Have faith in your efforts.

7) Pay attention to the effect of your efforts over time and course correct if needed.

8) Finally, remember YOU are the one that has the power to actually do something. Reading about what you want isn’t the same as doing it. Getting inspired by reading or hearing about how you can improve your life won’t actually improve it unless YOU apply it to your own life.


So give yourself a chance!

Live the thoughts, words, choices and actions that create the life you really want to lead.