Just think about that for a moment….

Your Response – Ability Is Your Responsibility

If you have ever paid attention to where your focus is for any length of time you will have noticed that you spend much of your energy thinking about what other people are or aren’t doing and in doing so take the focus away from what you are or aren’t doing.

The priority in any given moment should be what is it that we ourselves are bringing to the moment, irrelevant of what anyone else is bringing to it. That is a tall order and easier said than done I know but it is the bottom line. It doesn’t matter who or what has pressed your button, if it has been pressed then it is your responsibility to turn your awareness inward and see why you have been triggered and what you need to do about it.

How you are responding to life and all that comes your way is your responsibility. I don’t say that lightly and in saying this I don’t for one moment suggest that what might be coming your way isn’t significant, or that other people don’t do things that come from a total lack of awareness or respect for others. But that’s their stuff to work on. Your stuff is your response and if you focus on that your life will transform.

When triggered by fear it is very easy to look externally for all that is wrong when our real power sits in managing the symptoms of our own fear and stepping into ownership of our response to life.

Eckhart Tolle explains this in his book ‘The Power of Now’ where he suggests that we always have 3 choices in how we can respond to things that cause us discomfort or situations we are unhappy in.

  1. Can we change it
  2. Can we accept it
  3. Can we leave it

So often we waste time and energy and cause ourselves further stress by not choosing one of these 3 options. Not all options might be available, not are they easy but if we don’t choose one we will prolong our own suffering.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t have emotions or get stressed or upset, it means that when you do you own it and you deal with it by bringing awareness to it and working with why you have been triggered. You nurture yourself in the process and you own the egoic reaction you might be having in a non judgemental way. It’s ok, we all have ego, and it’s for each and everyone of us to see that and transform all that is not at peace into peace.

I will be discussing this further in next months webinar so keep your eyes peeled for more info!

In the mean time next time you are triggered by something tune your awareness inwards and ask yourself….

What do you need?

Are you nurturing yourself and looking after yourself?

Is what’s upsetting you a repeat pattern or cycle and if it is ask yourself what your response to it is…

Change it?

Accept it?

Leave it?

Of course you could also keep responding as you are….